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You're Innocent...and the verdict is....

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Can you prove it?

It is absolutely amazing the number of people I speak with who think that just because they are innocent that they don't need a lawyer.  I often wonder...if you are innocent, then proving your case should be more important to you than anything else.  Why would you leave that to chance?  If you can't answer the following questions..then you should really reconsider whether or not standing on the rock of innocence...alone...is a good idea.   You have the right to an attorney even if you cannot afford one.  Why not take advantage of it? 

The prevailing opinion that all public defenders, conflict and court appointed attorneys are incompetent is wholly inadequate and does a great disservice to those who are truly in this line of work to serve.  Many public defenders actually work as a public defender because they want to help people.  Along this journey, I have met many attorneys who do what they do because it is their calling.  They are everything from people who grew up with nothing and just want to give something back to their community to "silver spooner's" who don't need the money and believe that justice truly should be blind.  Please don't prejudge an individual you have yet to meet just because someone else had a bad experience.  Chances are..you don't know the whole story.  Even if you think that your attorney is a complete idiot...chances are.... they know a lot more about the law than you do.

In the end, the difference between between being innocent and being found 'not guilty' are huge.  There are plenty of people serving time in prison for crimes they did not commit.  There are also plenty of people who are not innocent but were found 'not guilty' who have never served a minute behind bars.  So...innocent...'not guilty'...or both?  Either way, you need a lawyer.  Take the quiz below to find out why.