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The Best Defense is an Educated One

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Being a true believer that the best defense is an educated one...let's get started.


Do you know what you are charged with?  Not just the name of the crime, but what the state has to show in order to prove your guilt.  Well, it is time to find out.  Lexis-Nexis has site that is free to the public.  You can search for the offense by name or by code section.  If you have a copy of your police report or warrant, the code section will be listed there.  For criminal offenses in Georgia, it wil be 16-x-xx, and for traffic offenses it will begin with 40-x-xx.  It may begin with O.C.G.A.  That means Official Code of Georgia Annotated.  Use the drop down menu or click here.


Do I have a court date yet?  Has the case been indicted?  What are my co-defendant's doing?  Have any motions been filed?  Has the case been dismissed yet?  Find out here.  If you have a case in any of the following counties...then chances are, you can find your case status online.  Use drop down menu or click the relevant link below.

Clayton County Case Inquiry

DeKalb County Online Judicial System (OJS)

Cobb County Clerk of Superior Court (Felony Case information only)